Self Funded Retirees

Learn about how we can service Self Funded Retirees.

Self Funded Retirees

When it comes to help for their hearing problems Australia’s self funded retirees get a very bad deal!

If you are on a Pension you get access to the fully funded Commonwealth Government scheme, but just because you worked hard and saved for your retirement you miss out on the help. It also means that “ some “ hearing aids shops look at you as if you have plenty of money and go the hard sell!

At Hear4Good we like to think we understand and we want to make sure that you get good, high quality and effective help for your hearing without paying a small fortune. We are locally owned and completely independent we give you a choice as we are not owned by a hearing aid manufacturer or a huge multi national company.

At least take the time to get a second opinion, it may save you thousands of dollars.

Some general rules when you are looking to get help for your hearing:

  1. Do look for an Australian Owned clinic.
  2. Do get a copy of your test results.
  3. Do get a second opinion.
  4. Do not commit to buying then and there no matter what they offer.
  5. If it looks like a shop it’s probably not a clinic!
  6. Always ensure that the fitting is on a trial basis, minimum 30 days.
  7. Always take a partner or friend with you, don’t be bluffed by sales talk.
  8. The hearing device should suit your needs, expensive doesn’t always mean better.