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Hearing tests

In Australia Pensioners and Veterans are entitled to free hearing assessment. We are accredited by the Commonwealth Government to provide these assessments. No paperwork is required, the services are arranged when you attend for your test. The test is comprehensive and looks at your general ear health, your hearing levels, the social impacts on your daily schedule as well as general lifestyle factors. The results will be reported to your General Practitioner. We encourage Partners and Spouses to attend the consultation.

For those not on a Pension and are self funded retirees we will always provide a complimentary hearing assessment and report to your General Practitioner. We believe that knowledge of your hearing health is critical to enjoying life.

We also provide comprehensive assessments for Medical Requirements, Transport Drivers, Flying Medicals and Workers Compensation.

Hearing aids

Hear4Good is a truly independent and local hearing aid clinic. They are not owned by a specific hearing aid manufacturer or Multi National company.

You will receive an honest recommendation based upon your needs.

Pensioners and Veterans have access to a range of high quality fully digital hearing devices including tiny all in the ear styles. The free to client range of devices are generally very suitable for most hearing losses.

Pensioners and Veterans may also choose from a wide range of higher technology devices at drastically reduced prices, these are known as Top Up devices. The advantage of dealing with an Independent clinic.

Self Funded retirees who do not qualify for the government subsidised devices have access to a wide range of higher technology devices from as low as $700 per device. These devices include Thin tube BTE, RIC and in the ear styles. Privately fitted devices come with a thirty day satisfaction guarantee period.

Trusted advice

The clinicians at Hear4Good really take the time to listen to your needs. It is one of the great advantages of dealing with a local and independent hearing specialist, the best result for you is the driver not a multi national profit margin.

As accredited providers of Hearing Services for the Commonwealth Governments Hearing Services Program we uphold the highest levels of service and provide high quality devices free that at other clinics would cost you extra.

The after fitting service is a critical part of ensuring a successful hearing aid fitting, at Hear4Good you will not be rushed. We run a comprehensive process that focusses on hearing better in the places that it counts.

Maintenance & Extra Services

Hear4Good is one of the few clinics on the Sunshine Coast that has its own repair facility. Most repairs are done on the spot so you don’t have to be “ off the air “ for too long. All brands of devices can be attended to. We keep a full range of Batteries for Hearing Aids.

If you have an uncomfortable earpiece we can perform adjustments on them or arrange for a more comfortable fitting.

The clinicians at Hear4Good also offer a unique free service for people who are not using their hearing aids. No matter where you purchased them we will clean and adjust to your preferred settings. We know that the best hearing aid is the one you choose to wear. Ask specifically for the BYOD Success Program.